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Frank Palecek starts Palco Transportation with one truck leased to a small New Jersey based carrier

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Frank started an agency for Landstar Ligon and moved all of his trucks to operate under the Landstar umbrella allowing him to operate more efficiently

Palco Transportation was started in 1990 by Frank Palecek as an owner operator with one truck leased to a small New Jersey based specialized carrier. This was a very exciting time in the transportation business and deregulation was opening many opportunities which had previously been difficult for an owner operator. Recognizing these opportunities and building on past experiences, Frank quickly secured operating authority from the ICC.

In 1994 Frank started an agency for Landstar Ligon and moved all of his trucks to operate under the Landstar umbrella. This move allowed him to operate more efficiently allowing increased focus on his customers needs and requirements.

In 1997, Frank’s daughter, Amber, graduated high school and joined the company. At this point to raise funds for college and travel – Amber continued working for Palco through her college years and later obtaining her masters degree from the school of visual arts in Manhattan, NYC. After graduating, Amber has continued working for Palco, providing a much needed counter balance to her father, Frank.

Palco Transportation, through the combined efforts of Amber and Frank, has grown to a fleet of 15+ trucks, over 60 trailers and related equipment, 24 lines of platform equipment with 6 lines of SPMT, rear steer dollies, steerable lowboys, perimeter trailers and numerous pieces of support equipment.

Palco Transportation serves the energy sector, oil, gas and wind energy sectors as well as hauling transformers up to 600,000 lbs. Palco also does work with to move equipment for defense contractors and our nations military, equipment to improve our nations data infrastructure and road and bridge building equipment.

Since the start of Palco Transportation we have firmly believed if it can’t be done safely and within compliance of the FMCSA, FHWA and OSHA regulations, we won’t do it, period.

Palco has and continues to look for opportunities to grow and stay a leading transportation provider in this industry. From the first day Frank stepped foot into a truck every customer has been treated with professionalism and a safety oriented attitude.

With that attitude, years of experience and a team of skilled and motivated people, Palco has had the ability to do work and continue to do work with customers such as the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Boeing, NASA, Blue Origin, GE Energy and a multitude of other happy customers.

Palco Transportation is a family business and that idea transcends into every interaction from our customers to our employees. Though the times have changed and as we grow and expand, the way we go into every job, no matter how big or small, we hold our values true of fulfilling our customers needs safely, efficiently and giving them peace of mind that they made the right choice in choosing Palco.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

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